A New Health Perspective.  

Motivating ~ Innovative ~ Intuitive

Your partner in efficiently and effectively:

1. Enlightening your patient about the root causes of their past

2. Educating them about the imbalances in their current internal and external environments

3. Motivating them to move forward in a healing relationship with you while addressing their most pressing symptoms.  


Accurately Educate Your Patient Of Their Imbalances

Create A Clear Treatment Plan Efficiently

Accurately Track Your Patient's Progress

What is it costing you and your patient when they don't understand the reasoning behind your recommendations?  


As Integrative Providers, we have one initial appointment to educate patients about our integrative approach and how balancing their systems can lead to health restoration.

Many times, we get overwhelmed with the amount of information we have to synthesize and explain to our patient in a short period of time.

If we do not learn this important skill, our patients leave confused, deflated and maybe even feeling hopeless.


If this patient encounter skill is not learned, not only will many potential patients not get the help they need, but you may experience burnout, frustration and loss of practice revenue. 


Benefits Of A ReveliaDx Partnership  

We have created a streamlined process for gathering foundational information about your patient so that you can prepare for your appointments knowing pertinent information ahead of time. This information is then organized in a graphical format that aids to highlight unique imbalances your patient is experiencing so you can create the most effective and clear plan possible. This is not only motivating to the patient, but also creates hope and a trusting relationship. You can then build on this foundation by tracking change and progress over time. Thereby creating a clear roadmap for your patient. 



Efficiently prepare for your first appointment with accurate patient information on:

~ General Health

~Medical History

~Environmental Exposures

~ Lifestyle History

~ Diagnostic Health History

~ Family History

~ Life Experiences

~ Current Symptoms

~ Symptom Ranking

~ Your Patient's Typical Day

~ Goals, Readiness & Support



Our system's unique analysis creates an easy to interpret graph illustrating imbalances in:

~ Gut Health

~ Detoxification

~ Hormones

~ Musculoskeletal

~ Central Nervous System

~ Immune System

~ Cardiovascular and Metabolic Processes

~ Nutrition

~ Emotional Influences

~ Lifestyle Influences 


Treat and Monitor Progress 

Treat effectively and comprehensively from the first appointment by utilizing the following tools:

~ Description of symptoms that correlate with each system

~ Comprehensive history and timeline

~ Symptom score breakdown into intensity and frequency 

~ Illustration of change in symptoms over time 

~ Lifestyle and Emotional Index breakdowns

~ Symptom ranking

~ Tracking of lifestyle habits

~ Integrative Prescription Plan Outline

~ Potential tests and treatment considerations based on highest imbalances

Establish Trust And Care Through Thoughtful Education 

As a licensed DO owning a cash based practice, I understand the need for a graphical representation of the patient's imbalances and symptoms. 

This tool is invaluable that you can effectively educate and motivate your patients to create change within their lives, partner with you in their healthcare journey, and accurately track change over time. 


No more spending valuable patient encounter time acquiring data

Be well-prepared for your appointment by having critical information ahead of time

Discuss lifestyle and emotional influences effortlessly

Experience a clear flow and process throughout your appointment