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Our tested intake forms REVEALS your patient's story setting the foundation for a productive encounter. 



The forms and labs are ANALYZED to showcase your patient's current symptoms, areas of imbalances, and history. 



You can then use interactive handouts to help your patient DISCOVER why they're feeling the way they are. 



Complete your encounter with personalized plans so your patient can TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR HEALTH. 

Why Choose ReveliaDx?


Get the most comprehensive information from your patients. Organized.

One of the biggest challenges facing integrative providers is obtaining a thorough history covering a patient's health, environment, lifestyle and so much more. Balancing the time of adequate history taking and other aspects of the patient's appointment is oftentimes difficult. The ability to obtain thorough information prior to the appointment for review enables you to prepare adequately prior to the appointment and therefore ask thoughtful, clarifying questions during the appointment.  You will also be able to track relevant information for subsequent appointments that may need to be revisited. You will have access to our forms, and can add and upload your own for a personalized patient experience.  We also have a convenient data export function in a problem-based manner so you can enjoy efficient note writing without AI. 


Analyze & Trend Data

A graphical representation of your patient's subjective and objective data is a key factor in motivating patients to not only implement your plans but also continue seeing you. 


Educate and Motivate

As healthcare providers, education is the foundation for empowering the patient to understand the WHY behind your recommendations. Once the history and physical is completed and the labs are reviewed, the next opportunity is to help the patient connect the dots so they understand why they're feeling the way they are. Tools to help you educate your patient is key to them staying motivated throughout the treatment process.  We have a library of handouts, or you can upload your own and virtually mark them up for convenience during virtual appointments. 


Personalized Plans

As holistic healthcare providers, our recommendations range widely from medications and supplements to nutrition and exercise.  We know that the power of these recommendations lie in the details.   Patients need to know HOW to eat, move, sleep, manage stress.  We provide some basic templates for these plans, but you'll also be able to create your own for repeated use and customize also each area for each visit so the patient has clear guidance to make daily, consistent interventions needed for lasting change. 

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